Silk paints - Galaxy Note Customer Reviews:


Love app but

I recently had to reinstall the app and I've lost the brushes I purchased. I love the app, but lately I have had problems with it crashing.



So relaxing. Just wish it had a mirror effect

What a fun app.

Love this app.


Fun drawing application but it needs the option to delete. I accidentally uploaded my first scribble to the sharing gallery and couldn't delete it in this version. I installed the free version and was able to delete it from there. So please add the delete option to this one so I don't need both installed. Also it would be nice if it exported in the Note 4's native 2560x1440 resolution. It only saves in 1080p. Edit: I output the same image again and the resolution was correct. Bug perhaps?

So beautiful!

Fun and gorgeous!


Love but

I love it but can't get multiple brushes like the free version can you fix

Silk paints

Many different flaws....please fix them....!!! To good to have such defects...

Can't save my work on my galaxy note 10.1

Keeps shutting down. And on my galaxy note 2, I can't delete the saved one's in the gallery.

Great app

Bad experience after purchasing note app

Don't let me unlock anything as the billing system is old ... and while saving drawing on some background .. it saves only the drawing track and misses the background ... very excited to use the free app but disappointed after purchasing note version :'(

Loads of fun

Great idea... Fun to use

Nice but error on purchase

When purchasing Multibrush, it gives following error : "This app uses a billing version that is no longer supported. Check the Google Play Store for app updates which may resolve this issue."

Silk paints

Freezes sometimes

I will let you know if the bugs are fixed. If so will revise my rating.


Fun app with a nice surprise

I bought first the full brush set in the 'normal' app when later I noticed that there was also this one for my note pro 12.2. After buying this version I thought I would lose my in app brushes from the other app but they're unlocked in this version too :-) happy that I don't have to buy them twice. Love this app! Спасибо!

Not as intuitive as some apps.

Awesome app

Definitely brings out the artsy side. Wish there was an eraser though.


Love it! This is an excellent way to let your creativity flow!

Love it

Brilliant app :)

Fun & •Excellent Support•

I've got a New Galaxy Note and then bought this app. The S-pen features work as advertised which is nice, but l only have access to the basic brushes and no way to get any of the others! :( Trying to download them, Google tells me they're not found, otherwise I would give this a much higher rating. •UPDATE• Changed to 5 because the support team got back to me within 1 day with a fix. Everything works great! Fun app, Excellent Support & very feature rich!


I'm trying to download the update's not installing though, just says "duplicate provider authority" ....Why is this??

Very fluid

What a fun app. Brought out some creativity. I would give it 5 stars if I could get the posting tracks to Facebook to work. I can post the still shot, just not the live track.


Really pretty. The live wallpaper addition is awesome. I wish there were a way to speed up the animation. And i also would like it if somehow there could be a custom background to the live wallpaper instead of just black. Other than that it's a great wallpaper really smooth and crisp drawing.

Magical color effects

Works well on Galaxy Note 3 N9005